Using Acrow Props And Timber Needles For Support

How To Use Acrow Props For Support While Cutting A Hole In A Wall

Acrow Props are a great way to support a roof or other load when you need to remove or cut a hole in a load bearing wall. Acrow Props are the mostly commonly used vertical support system used in the Construction Industry today and are easy to use when you need support. Click here for help in choosing the right Acrow Prop.

There are a number of ways in which acrow props are used but a very common application is to use them in conjunction with other load bearing members such as timber bearer, timber needle or strongboys.

Using timber needles with acrow props is very common in construction. The needles are usually very heavy stocky pieces of timber such as 200mm x 150mm oregan (Consult you Engineer for advice). Acrow props are generally placed about 200mm in from each end of the timber and the load being supported is in the middle.

When To Use Acrow Props For Support

The need for builders, renovators or home handy people to remove or cut a hole in a wall has existed for ever. This can be to add a new doorway, add or increase a windows or just to make better use of or increase their living space. But what if the wall is holding or supporting the roof or something else? What if it is a load bearing wall?

Before carrying out any alterations, it is essential to ensure that any loads from above are adequately supported before you start removing any part of the wall. Safety comes first! Afterall you do not want part of the building collapsing, causing damage, injury or even death. If in doubt ALWAYS consult a professional

Using Acrow Props & a Timber Needle To Support A New Opening In Existing Brickwork.

If you need to create a new door way through an existing solid brick wall and you have opted to use timber needle method all you need to do is to knock out a couple of bricks and create an opening large enough to enable for the timber needle to be passed through.

Preparing Wall For Propping

Step 1:- Remove Bricks and insert Timbers

Once the timber needle has been inserted place an acrow prop under each exposed end of the timber needle and tighten until the load of the brick work above is fully supported by the needle and props. Please ensure that the needle is level.

Acrow Prop Is Used To Support Wall Using Timbers

Step 2:- Acrow Props Used To Support Wall Using Timbers

Once positioned in the desired location(s) the brickwork below the support needle(s) can be safely removed.

Acrow Props Are Used For Support While Brickwork is Removed.

Step 3:- Acrow Props Are Used For Support While Brickwork is Removed.

An Acrow Prop Is Only As Good As The Ground That Supports It

WARNING:- Please ensure that the ground or concrete that you are placing the acrow props on to is strong enough to support the load you are proposing to bear onto it. Failure to do so could be extremely dangerous and may result in the entire load collapsing. If you have any concerns as to the stability of the ground below, you can spread the load by placing strong, heavy duty board/s at right angles to the load under the base plate of the acrow prop. This will help distribute the load over a greater surface area. Where the ground level is concrete the acrow props can be placed directly onto the concrete, however, it is still recommended that sole boards be used under the acrow prop base as this helps distribute the load and prevents the acrow prop from punching through the concrete slab.

ALWAYS Get Engineering Advice.

WARNING:- Supporting any load bearing structure should only be undertaken by competent persons and should never be done without the advice and guidance of a structural engineer or professional builder. Acrow Props and timber needles are a great way to provide support, so please ensure you use them correctly.

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