What Is An Acrow Prop?

Acrow Props

Acrow props are very popular on building sites and are used to hold or support something. If you want to cut a hole in a wall (or even remove it all together) but dont want the roof to fall then you can use some acrow props to temporarily support the roof while the wall is removed. If you want to support some formwork while pouring concrete and waiting for it to cure, once again acrow props are a great option. In fact there are at least 101 different uses for an acrow prop on a construction site.

When it comes to using Acrow Props, you have a number of different options to choose from. Acrow Props come in 5 different sizes which range from a No.0 (the shortest) through to a No.4 (the tallest). Once you select the correct prop for the height, they are fully adjustable and can be easly moved in to position where you need them. So…

What Is An Acrow Prop?

Basically, an Acrow prop is made up of four basic components

  • an inner tube with a top plate
  • an outer tube which is attached to the base plate
  • a collar, and
  • a pin

The inner tube slides up and down freely inside the outer tube. The top of the outer tube is threaded and the collar screws on to the outer tube, similar to a nut on a bolt. The inner tube has holes down its length so that you can quickly extend the inner tube and insert the steel pin to one of the holes. The steel pin then sits on the top of the collar.

By lifting the inner tube to just below the desired height and inserting the pin so that it is supported by the collar on top of the outer tube, you can achieve the exact height you require by rotating the collar. This extends the inner prop, moving it up slowly until you have it adjusted to the correct height.

So how do you choose the right prop for your project?

Commonly Asked Questions About Acrow Props

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